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Rather useful hideouts and sites

Prox-List at Yahoo Groups

prox-list Homepage of the original user group -- contains message archives, a files section, and more.
prox-list-help Sends an automated reply, with links and info (email link).
prox-list-subscribe Join the Prox-List group (email link).
prox-list-unsubscribe Unsubscribe from the Prox-List group (email link).

Other Proxomitron Sites

Ian MacPhedran's Page Has various Naoko releases (incl. 4.5 June) and links to archived copies of Scott's pages.
MizzMona's Page Offers a GUI patch, subroutine files for filter writers, information, and graphics.
Scott's Page The author's final message.
Sidki's Page Home of Sidki's config set, GUI patch, proxcert creator, and many other excellent resources.
Un-Official Proxomitron Forum Kye-U's Proxomitron forum.

Proxomitron in Other Languages Short introduction plus sample filters. (French)
M. Buerschgens' Page Proxomitron forum and config set. (German) A user's guide with filters, lists, and advice. (Italian)
Proxomitron Russian Page Dmitry Yudin's site, has a forum, FAQ, and more. (Russian)
Proxomitron-J Covers everything about Proxomitron, including language patches. (Japanese) Introduction to some of Proxomitron's capabilities, plus forum. (Chinese)
Senpai's Page Has language patches for Naoko 4.4 and 4.5. (Spanish)
ToutFR Offers downloads and translation. (French)

Information Sites

DevGuru JavaScript introduction and reference.
Index D O T Very comprehensive reference site -- HTML and CSS.
RFC2616 Headers header field definitions.
W3 Schools Tutorials and references -- HTML, XHTML, and CSS.

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